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International sports events:

There was children from 5 countries: Portugal, Holland, Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria.
The accent of the event was competition for driving wheel-chair, competition in tennis clubs and surprises donated from Mr. Add Zvan, International VIP coach by tennis-court for people with disabilities.

Outdoors Drawing and work with natural materials, September 2005. All children like to amuse. Christmas 2005.
„Methods for work with serious disabled people” - Seminar with lecturer Mr. Arend Steunenberg, Labour Foundation, Holland, October 2005. A visit in Trojan, August 2005.
Volunteers from IBO – Netherlands are working in the yard of the Center…and are having fun with the children, August 2005. Mr. Aad Zwaan from International Tennis Federation is training disabled children in our Center, June 2005.
Pictures of children that had take a part in the outstrip about International Award “Filantrop” – Russia to outstanding achievements of people with disabilities in the sphere of culture, March 2006.
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