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House of Plays Social Services Complex
Village of Dalbok Dol, Troyn Municipality

The House of Plays Complex, intended to provide social services to children with physical disabilities and sound mind, is located in the picturesque mountain village of Dabov Dol, which has mild climate and is immediate proximity to the town of Troyan. There are many natural and cultural landmarks that allow entertainment to children in an environment that is healthy for their development. Near Dalbok Dol are situated the villages of Shipkovo and Chiflik, where there are mineral pools, in the village of Cherni Osam is the only natural science museum for wild animals, in the village of Oreshak there are exhibition rooms of folk crafts, near to the complex is also the Holy Mother Troyan Monastery, the Saeva Dupka cave, etc.

The material base of the Social Services Complex consists of the following buildings:
- Repaired former Renaissance School – beautiful and preserved old building, in which were adapted 7 rooms with a total area of 600 m2. Carried out in them are various social services: art therapy, work therapy, introduction to the details of traditional crafts of this area, drawing, modeling, music.
- Built is a computer center and multifunctional rooms where educational services are carried out: learning computer literacy, training in foreign languages, remote forms of information transfer, preparation for examinations of children that do not have access to the mass school, etc.
- Repaired is the former two-floor kindergarten with built-up area of 420 m2 on each floor, turned into Home for Temporary Accommodation, where the children to feed and sleep. It has 10 well equipped dormitories of 2 beds /standard/ and 10 beds for children younger than 7 years of age. The dormitories are serviced by 5 new service premises, washing machine, kitchen of the type “home kitchen”, two lobbies for playing and watching TV.
- Repaired was a playground /820 m2/ equipped pursuant to the international standards for tennis-court. Held there were two sport holidays for children with physical disabilities with the participation of Mr. Aad Zwaan from Netherlands, member of the International Federation for Tennis for People on Wheelchairs. These holidays are an example for a real integration of disabled people in society and are a good example that should be followed. Presently, we work for organizing an international sport camp Children Paradise for children – healthy and with disabilities.

The whole material basis is adapted for free movement of disabled people.

The purpose of the complex is to carry out various social services. Offered in it are:
- daily rehabilitation of specialists in well equipped rehabilitation room in the building of the former school;
- daycare for healthy and disabled children of sound mind, with group programs in music, work with clay, painting;
- continuous care /up to three months/ for children with specific needs;
- art therapy– with sculptor and artist – pedagogues, for improving children’s concentration and strengthening of the fine movements;
- game therapy – individual and group;
- sport occupations in tennis-court, sports gymnastic, with specialists from the National Sport Academy and under the direction of Mr. Aad Zwaan;
- individual and group computer work;
- pleasant walks with the “Happy cart”, pulled by a real horse;
- visitations to the nearby mineral baths for children in the village of Chiflik and Shipkovo for an underwater massage;
- cultural tourism to the Troyan Monastery, to the natural science museum for wild animals in the village of Tcherni Osam, exhibition rooms for folk crafts in the village of Oreshak, etc.

All types of social services – educational, rehabilitation and integration, are carried out by well trained specialists, experts in the respective fields. The work is carried out pursuant to different programs, each of them individual, depending on the needs of the specific child /educational, health status, age, wish of the parents, etc./.

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