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Accosiation "Society For All"

Who are we?
5 enthusiasts - professor demographer, associate professor – economist, artist, journalist and sociologist, who believe in good.

Established in 1998 as a year dedicated to the elderly people by the reason of this announcement made from the General Assembly /Court Decision for registration from 20.12.2000/.
Basic idea:
Development and realization on the project for support and life integration on different social groups in humble circumstances like: children with physical disabilities, orphan children and elderly people who are living humbly.

Achievements of Society For All:
2005 - „Artistic and pragmatic forms of work with children with physical disabilities at the Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration /CSRI/, Dalbok Dol Village, Troyan Municipality” – in order to enable children with physical disabilities to demonstrate and develop their abilities in arts (fine arts, music, ceramics), as well as to strengthen their physical health by various pragmatic activities (labor therapy, computer courses).
2005 – „Providing jobs to people with disabilities at “CSRI” and “DVN” in Dalbok Dol Village, Troyan Municipality” - enabling young people, staying at CSRI, to acquire new vocational skills, trained by a carpenter; and utilizing the strong sides of the people with disabilities – a job for administrator.
2003-2004 – Setting up of a“Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration” at Dalbok Dol Village, Municipality Troyan – for rendering of social services to children with physical disabilities;
2004 – “Happy Together” – reconstruction of the Old Renaissance School in Halls for Art and Labor Therapy to help children, having problems with the loco-motory system or inborn physical disabilities;
1998-2003 – Salvation Canteens, arranged in 30-40 cities throughout the country;
1998-2003 – Social assistance to elderly people children within the Trade Union System;
2001-2003 – “Children – together for Bulgaria” – ethnic festival, held at the Thermal Baths in Haskovo on the occasion of the Day of the Children – 1 June, attended by thousands of children of various ethnic groups, living in Bulgaria

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